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Badyal Dental offers permanent solutions to all your dental needs!

Performing dental procedures is an art; if not performed with the utmost care and precision, the patient can end up feeling uncomfortable all throughout. For this very reason, we at Badyal Dental strive to ensure we give each client the best dental service they deserve. By using a combination of the state of the art technologies, finest materials and modern dental technologies, we provide the best dental service to our patients, all year round. With Badyal Dental, you are not a patient, but a family member; we treat our family members with utmost care and comfort.

Our list of services ensures that we cover any discomforts our patients might face at any time. Our skilled team of dentists and staff provide the best service to our patients. After all, keeping our patients happy at all times, is our prime motive, always.

Dentistry Services offered in a nutshell

General dentistry: No matter what kind of dental work you’re looking for, we do it all. Helping you keep your teeth healthy is our top priority and we strive to achieve top success in our endeavours.

Dental implants: These area titanium posts that take place of the roots in your bone once a tooth has been removed. Allowing the dentist to fabricate an all porcelain crown that attaches to the Titanium post.

Veneers: Stop bothering about teeth imperfections. Invest safely in natural, porcelain veneers.

Root Canals: Root canals are most effective when a dead root or an infected root has to be treated. This is done with an attempt to save the tooth and avoid any kind of tooth extractions for the patients.

Bridges: As the name suggests, bridges are often used to replace missing teeth. By bridging the gap between teeth, the other teeth are cemented and given support prosthetically.

Crowns: Crowns, like bridges, are also artificially placed onto existing teeth to close gaps and avoid any kind of cavities.

Fillings: Tooth colored composite material is used to fill any cavities/decay in the mouth.


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